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Monday, June 29, 2009

first day of attachment and i was late for 40mins lor.
woke up and leave hse early and yet still late.
tmr have to be faster le )):
reached seragoon mrt alight and i took wrong direction bus still.
took till 6th bus-stop then i noticed.
planned to cab there and saw my bus and took there again.
it's already super late....
alighted and i dont know where is the place.lost my way...
walking to and fro.finally found the place.

xiaokun reached already when i reached,saw him seating at the waiting area there.
we got nothing to do today.
briefed us through what we going to do.
and tmr we start doing the floorplan drawing using autocad.
and today we were just slacking around till the time reached.
the office can wear jean and slipper lor.
i think im not going to wear slipper ba.
so unrespectful!! haha..
and i think last mth or wat, we going to site to help out with the construction thing.
but i think i go there also continue to draw the drawing lor.
safety boots and safety helmet will be provided.haha...

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