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Saturday, October 31, 2009

fen and me went to catch a movie after school, Imgaine That on wed...
thanx pea for giving us free movie ticket!!
but something happen which i were most angry with..!!
arghh..i missed part of my show
and left her behind for long.. sorry!!
overall,the storyline still alright,not that comedy.
because my mood was not right.

went to school late today.
rayne gigi fen kaser and me went to have dim sum for our lunch behind pennisular.
the food was alright..
i want to vomit out as it is too full for me..
we ordered alot..

back to school after eating
we were too full that we stand all the way back to school
even though there were seats.LOL!!
and camwhore in school as we got nothing to do
no ideas for firmenich!!
LOL!! do it on weekend..
more pictures will upload in FB...

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