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Saturday, January 30, 2010

countdown to 11 more days to our doomdays!!
still have alot more to do man!!
and we had alot thing to do after 10feb...wahaha!!
staying in school late everyday to do project..
plus i can use desktop!!
starting from nxt week onwards, we will be chiong-ing to workshop ba...
guess will be LONG QUEUE!!haha..

afternon cabbed down with yvonne and fen to ubi meet kaser to get our material.
start to spend money again..
thinking of the 100 bucks is a wastage lor, printing need so much money meh!!
after that, we cabbed back to school again.
went back after awhile to meet my 'laogong'
even though we stayed so near but we will never see each other lor.weird!!
and it seem like we almost half a year meet one time...that super long lor!!my god..

we had a long chat..
walked from henderson wave to hortpark then we walked to my block
and she bus-ed home.. haha!!
meet again..
hope sun u can go out with me..wahah!!!

dont care about how people judge you or what...
just do what you feel comfortable with
no matter what happen, remember that i will alway be your listener ((:

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