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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

4 days of graduation show just ended like that.
and that marked the last day of our school days.
with no stress of school project, sleepless night, toning in school rushing for project, cabbing to school(waste of money), printing thing, etc anymore!!
but i will miss the 3 yrs of school life with my gfs.!!
our gambling session!!
how i wished that school will still continue without any's freedom to us (: LOL

graduation show in school which i think less people will come to school to see unlike if it hold it in a public place!!LOL..

1st day of graduation show there is refreshment..
loved that stick meat (: yummy!!

GFs loves

Nirit's cute!!

My booth..

my model..which look totally different from the rendered view..

and guess what Sean bought us choc..surprised!!

there was different flavour..choose dark choc..
70% abit bitter better than too sweet haha!!

(rest of the photos will be upload in fb!!)

im going to find a full-time job from now on..
in order to save the amount of money to bkk!!
hope by the time, nothing goes wrong to bkk le.
and i cant wait for sun kbox with gfs (:

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