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Sunday, June 06, 2010

town-ed with ahma and her bf..
planned to watch movie before that but shopped around in the end..
nothing and no money for me to buy b'cos i got lots of things for me to buy.
neoprints taken..and i can see the totally diff before and after 3 years.
the hairs..and etc!!

after that meeting GFs to chompchomp for our dinner (:
and the place was crowded with people forever.
loves the food there.
*stingray,fried kuay tiao, chicken wings,hokkien mee, kang kong,satays and yam pudding(:

yam pudding <3


and headed to MBS!!
the mall is BIG~!

and liked the design of a bridge linking from one side to another side
like creating a small river in between..


overall, we sweated alot while eating and walking!!
but enjoying it(:

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