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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Hot Tomato

Went to watch this movie,The Next Three days,the past few days.
And again, it's the last minute outing (as usual) with the same person, it always do!.

Overall, the movie was alright. The man had a wise thinking of planning everything even the trap that will let people falls. Some parts of the shows will make me confuse. But nice (:

It's TGIF again.. That's a day where everyone are waiting for (:
GFs meeting days again..
This time we went to new shopping mall,NEX, which located at Serangoon.
The mall is big and almost every shops are opened. But there's nothing much to shop.

Tried this bubble tea, where there's pink pearl. Cool!
They provide the service of choosing the ice level (Less Ice/Normal Ice) beside letting you choose the sugar level and the size of the drink.
The pink pearl..
Dinner at Hot Tomato.. that's our 'budget meal' LOL.
Additional of $2.90 (soup & drink) will add on to a meal (:
Provided with garlic bread..
Our side dish..String Fries. (But that's normal fries..doesn't describe as String? HAHA)
Our main course -
Kaser's & Yvonne's..
And that's US :D

Walked around after dinner.
Didnt really walked much 'cos there were alot of people there, due to it was TGIF firstly and it was a new shopping mall lastly.

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