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Monday, July 29, 2013

Kelong Trip - Hotboys 2013

Planned for  short getaway trip to Kelong, Hotboys, for 3D2N. Its my first trip and experience there, fishing and enjoying the breeze there.

Got up very early to get prepared and board the bus in.
This is the place where we had to board the boat to Kelong, Hotboy.
 photo 20130630_125819_zps9c7a79c3.jpg photo 20130630_125845_zps9c3d34f7.jpg
 photo 20130630_132458_zps6f6c1b0c.jpg photo 20130630_132503_zps2cf5c47e.jpg
 photo 35_zps24657812.jpg
On the boat, setting off the Kelong.
 photo 11_zps0839a162.jpg
We finally reached Kelong. There were a few Kelong there. The one we were staying was named Hotboys.
 photo 02_zps5816423d.jpg
The overall look of the Hotboys..
 photo 20130628_183956_zpse402f4dd-1.jpg photo 20130628_183948_zps5ff24186.jpg
Interior look, lots of Bunk bed with open area. Beside, there were TV for us to kill boredom. But once it rains heavily, mostly connection will cut off expect for lights.
 photo 20130628_184019_zps24b6f211.jpg photo 20130628_184025_zps2fd8cbc1.jpg
 photo 04_zps91990c86.jpg
 photo 28_zpsedcd7c70.jpg
 photo 27_zps47b21718.jpg
 photo 26_zps82e25f5a.jpg
 photo 19_zps30a4c862.jpg
 photo 15_zps2325151d.jpg
The beautiful sunset I ever saw. Nice.
 photo 20130628_183930_zps855ce63e-1.jpg
Pictures are not arrange according to days, it jumbled around.
 photo IMG-20130702-WA0000_zps7b6e3959.jpg photo IMG-20130702-WA0011_zps62257730.jpg photo IMG-20130702-WA0002_zps8e32fa09.jpg
It started to rain on the 2nd day, where it reaches dinner time. Strong wind, where you can see the current wave of the sea. Sky turning dark.
 photo 20130630_090706_zps3bdfc5f8.jpg photo 20130629_165613_zps7de9881f.jpg
After the heavy rain, we were back outside continue fishing again. And once again, we started lots of stars in the sky. Beautiful!
 photo 05_zps3ea7c2f7.jpg
Our dinner on different day. We had steamboat on the first day.
 photo 36_zps701ef544.jpg
 photo 37_zps4b00c790.jpg
Different species of fishes we caught, including one octopus.
 photo IMG-20130702-WA0018_zpsdaeb3577.jpg photo IMG-20130702-WA0007_zpsf283f3fc.jpg photo 43_zpsa0b98def.jpg photo 46_zps5c4b4fc2.jpg photo 44_zps923be55d.jpg photo 48_zps4aede544.jpg photo 40_zps2cf88b8a.jpg photo 41_zps5d362dda.jpg photo 39_zpsaeafac0e.jpg photo 49_zps7f430201.jpg photo 42_zpscb817f74.jpg photo 52_zpsc03d9b00.jpg photo 56_zpsc63b663d.jpg photo 55_zpscd0b37b8.jpg photo 61_zpsecd22c9e.jpg
 photo 57_zps596a3d5b.jpg photo 51_zps6113007a.jpg photo 52_zpsc03d9b00.jpg
During the last day, a random people caught this big fish. Hearing the rumor saying, it weighed over 10 kg.
 photo 23_zps26ff2282.jpg photo 22_zpseb82edc9.jpg
It started to rain again during our last day, where we packing up preparing to leave the place.
Gloomy and dark sky..
 photo 20130629_170749_zps5d36033f.jpg
It was my first time taking speedboat out from Kelong to the Ferry terminal. Strong wind, sea water kept splashing inside making us wet.
Though it took a few minute for us to reach from Kelong to terminal, but it took 4-5 hours to wait for the bus to fetch us back to Singapore.
I kept drinking water while waiting in KFC.
 photo 20130630_153428_zps24432016.jpg photo 20130630_153421_zps61e7bb46.jpg photo 20130630_153343_zps27fbd09f.jpg
I had sunburn. The weather was hot in first day, rains for past 2 continuous days. 

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