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Saturday, August 10, 2013

First Lesson, same day of school

Happened to be same day, same time, same module but different class with PZ.

Headed out after our lesson end with our partners (:
Photo of us in toilet as usual. *photobomb
 photo IMG_7813_zps61d3bbc8.jpg photo IMG_7828_zpsc60171f6.jpg
Do we look like student? Anyway, our bag weigh few tons. It's super heavy.
 photo IMG_7832_zps7811edb8.jpg
Headed to shabu shabu buffet at CWP for our lunch.
 photo CIMG3616_zps3ca50ff8.jpg
The food we took and ordered meat. Chicken & pork. There's also choice of beef, but we can't take.
 photo CIMG3618_zpsd02244f7.jpg photo CIMG3619_zpsdb457cf7.jpg photo CIMG3620_zps7aaf13ef.jpg photo CIMG3622_zpsb1c03984.jpg photo CIMG3624_zps7f724f25.jpg photo CIMG3629_zps180da408.jpg photo CIMG3630_zpsf3ee477c.jpg photo CIMG3628_zps5e714e0d.jpg photo CIMG3631_zpsd874d6a4.jpg photo CIMG3632_zps9cd148ee.jpg photo CIMG3633_zpsd8067e44.jpg photo CIMG3636_zps63faad52.jpg
Photo of us (:
 photo CIMG3625_zps5b86dc0b.jpg photo CIMG3627_zps5b0f643f.jpg
PZ's ice-cream
 photo CIMG3637_zps8987a423.jpg
After, we headed to Udders for more ice-cream and chill-out. 
 photo IMG_7834_zps7694b01a.jpg photo IMG_7835_zps4510e058.jpg
We were too tired to talk cos we woke up super early, like 6 to prepare and headed to our class. So, we kept spamming pictures with PZ's mac. 
 photo Photoon27-7-13at543PM2_zpseacca008.jpg photo Photoon27-7-13at545PM_zpsd8fed457.jpg
 photo Photoon27-7-13at545PM2_zps01639570.jpg photo Photoon27-7-13at546PM_zps9dcc9792.jpg
 photo Photoon27-7-13at547PM_zps07b072dd.jpg photo Photoon27-7-13at547PM2_zps99024f44.jpg
When the guys are out for smoking break, these are what we do. Photobomb! (:
 photo Photoon27-7-13at558PM_zps0d2c87ab.jpg photo Photoon27-7-13at559PM_zpsf9f90135.jpg photo Photoon27-7-13at600PM_zps8486ec49.jpg
 photo Photoon27-7-13at600PM2_zpsc9254bb1.jpg photo Photoon27-7-13at600PM4_zps57545f48.jpg
 photo Photoon27-7-13at600PM5_zps2080f12f.jpg photo Photoon27-7-13at600PM8_zps5f5d71f9.jpg
 photo Photoon27-7-13at601PM_zps2ffca8f2.jpg photo Photoon27-7-13at601PM2_zps8cc0f8b8.jpg
 photo Photoon27-7-13at602PM2_zpsd0ef7281.jpg photo Photoon27-7-13at602PM3_zps801a8da6.jpg
Copyright of a friend's display picture. Be-serious-expression. 
 photo Photoon27-7-13at604PM_zps55f6b13f.jpg
 photo 4-upon27-7-13at559PMcompiled_zps5f96280e.jpg
 photo 4-upon27-7-13at558PM5compiled_zpscd82042e.jpg
 photo 4-upon27-7-13at558PM9compiled_zpsb9c17a90.jpg
 photo 4-upon27-7-13at559PMcompiled_zps5f96280e.jpg
 photo 4-upon27-7-13at551PMcompiled_zpsa80bd16c.jpg
 photo 4-upon27-7-13at549PMcompiled_zpsfb4fa8e0.jpg
 photo 4-upon27-7-13at551PM5compiled_zpsd05f234e.jpg
 photo 4-upon27-7-13at551PM5compiled_zpsd05f234e.jpg
 photo 4-upon27-7-13at549PMcompiled_zpsfb4fa8e0.jpg
 photo 4-upon27-7-13at551PMcompiled_zpsa80bd16c.jpg
I immediately K.O. on bed after reach home. Waking up early is really no joke. Tired!

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