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Saturday, February 13, 2010

went to alvin 21st b'dae bbq on thurs..
stayed till the next morning and went back home.
he was already drunk when we reached there
and awake after that..LOL
rest of the pics will upload when i get them..

and the worst thing was i bus-ed home the nxt day and slept in the bus.
when it reached the interchange, the first thing i woke up was to find the acrylic which
i am not holding the in the first place.
i even walked to the bus driver to ask whether he saw my acrylic..
until then i realised im not holding anything in the first place..LOL
OH MY GOD!! i gone crazy..
too much acrylic..stress about

ytd called to go back to work the last min as they cant find anyone..
and im late for work for half an hour.
and met this customer with 胸大无脑..
gave me one fucking attitude because her son make her angry then she gave us attitude..WTF!!
shout at me which she can speak nicely to me that she wants the receipt back!!ARGHH..

watch HUA TIAN XI SHI, midnight movie with ahma and alvin..
supper at xin wang after finished.
waited for ahma NR1 for super 1 hr plus.
but there was another guy who waited longer than her..LOL!!
other NR buses came dont know hw many times haha..
overall the movie was funny!! nice..

walking pass the places we been there together..
doing the thing we had been doing together
that will be the past memories..!!
and believe that wounds can be heal
is just the moment of time!!

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