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Saturday, October 16, 2010

More Food...

Dimsum with 2 'bunnies' at Rui Chun (:
waiting for xin to finish her practical and walked for our dinner :D
all of us were super shag & tired.
Their tiredness was their practical, my tiredness because of my work.
Outside the whole day and back to office to continue work is a tiring matter..

Food that we ordered..[but we didnt managed to finish all though we didnt order much]

Applebee with GFs past few weeks to use up our voucher..
There're new voucher after old voucher had been used up (:
Another applebee for lunch/dinner for us :D

Food ordered (:

♥ the's taste good compare to others!

This is what the waitress wrote after our bill (:
ice-cream shots..

Trying to take a olden day photo,which look like One Big Family.
1st Attempt - FAILED!
2nd Attempt - FAILED!
3rd Attempt - FAILED! [Give up!]
Instead of formal photos, funky photos were still BEST!

Cant wait for tmr celebration.!
Dimsum shall wait till our first pay then we enjoy good food :D

Exactly 1 more week :D

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