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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Update Past ~ & Present!~

A little update for past few days..

What's with my life? Busy working.. and working.
Helping parent to prepare coming CNY stuffs. And I was having fever before CNY.

The past photos of us having lunch break..
 photo IMG-20130117-WA0003_zpse5bc775e.jpg photo IMG-20130117-WA0002_zps53facc80.jpg
With my polaroid camera, I had my first photo with her before I left house for BBQ. LOL!
She seem to be camera-shy, doesn't want to look front.
 photo IMG_20130208_160423_zps08f88f46.jpg
Pre-CNY Reunion Dinner w his friend..
 photo IMG-20130208-WA0010_zpsf336a5ab.jpg photo IMG-20130208-WA0009_zpsf5895738.jpg
Polaroid pic with the rest and couples..
 photo IMG-20130208-WA0007_zps52f20f97.jpg
 photo 20130209_011044_zps7f9d2b4f.jpg photo 20130209_011102_zpsaff48d11.jpg
During CNY, I didn't take much photos.
 photo 20130210_131321_zps069f1bf8.jpg photo 20130211_111949_zps5a5d3e91.jpg
Polaroid of Family (:
 photo IMG_20130212_231704_zps536a12e7.jpg
 photo 20130212_013825_zps21797244.jpg
My 2 attempts of making almond jelly. Planned to have some dessert with my relatives when they came, end up never present to them. 
 photo IMG_20130218_000339_zps1575cd40.jpg
1st attempt - it doesn't harden.
2nd attempt - When it's harden, the almond taste doesn't came out strong :(
I will try again some days.

Our simple dinner..

 photo IMG_20130214_191245_zps4fc94785.jpg
Followed by dessert (: I like the organic rosebuds tea, compared to my peach tea @ National Geographic Cafe.
 photo IMG_20130215_000713_zps3c50cf9b.jpg
#Chicken Pie
 photo IMG_20130215_001543_zps3ec56f7a.jpg
#Big Chocolate Eclair
 photo IMG_20130215_002031_zps33ec8032.jpg
#Tiramisu cake. Nice!
 photo IMG_20130215_002351_zps965cd51f.jpg

It's end of that day. Simple & joyful day (: I kinda excited waiting for this Sunday.
I shall update again (:

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