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Monday, April 22, 2013

Few Months Updates..

This will be my update AFTER SO LONG! 

Dripped changed from right hand to left hand. It's painful when it poked in.
And HL for 1 month and rotting at home. It's literally rotted, but at least I managed to do some house-chores work.
The rest of the photos will do the talking after I'm back to work.
 photo IMG_20130407_001758_zps7a3317d4.jpg
 6 months old of her.. Naughty!! Keep biting..
 photo IMG_20130412_234653_zps317f4070.jpg
 photo IMG_20130409_092752_zps47521b12.jpg photo 201304180039012_zpsafbc3574.png

 photo IMG_20130418_232141_zps9b4ad4f8.jpg photo pt2013_04_16_23_10_15_zpsd45a1efe.jpg

I started to cam-whore... Either mirror reflection or self-shoot taken. HAHA!
 photo PhotoGrid_1366125930179_mr000_zpsb1b1ebf2.jpg

喜怒哀乐 Expression. My 乐 is FAILED!
 photo collage_1_zps5e795d19.png
 photo 1365424761402_zps7609f33b.jpg photo pt2013_04_18_19_16_13_mh000_mr000_zpsa1f32f0b.jpg

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