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Thursday, February 21, 2008

and guess wat...
i didnt edit the pics in the end.
no time to edit...rush time ar...haha..
on yesterday, ah ma, kaser, elaine and i went to sim lim first then to town.
elaine finally went to buy a HDD le. but again cheaper than mine.
arghh... phoebe n elaine bought the same thing but elaine's HDD was exp. than phoebe one.
at least cheaper than mine. really can knock against the wall alrdy.
but nvm.. mine had software inside.haha... they dun haf anything.
[ positive of my HDD] haha...

we took bus 7 to town. but we miss the stop. so we had to walk back to town.
walking back to town...

they walked too fast alrdy...

then we decided to take photo...tis photo is better compare to others.
others one my hair is so messy due to strong wind.

our shadow... WHEEE!!!

kaser bought hat frm Far East. the hat was so cool.

opps...where ah ma de photo?...
haha..she didnt take.
then we went ot m]phosis to shop cos gt sale. we shop till 9 plus then go hm cos elaine nt feeling.
so we went hm..

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