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Thursday, February 21, 2008

on the 20/2, i went to ah ma's house to do our bungalow model.
i took 851 to yishun interchange. i tot 1 hr can reach yishun interchange. but it took 1 hour plus to reach yishun interchange. and it took 1 hr to reach yck bus-stop from my house....
oh man... my butt was burning hot at that time... sat for almost 2 hr journey. it was so more nt enough sleep.
left house at 1 plus. then reached her house at 1. omg...
but reched her house, everything was set ready alrdy.
then we started doing alrdy and kept ourselves inside the room.
until dinner time.

wa lao... i cut the board wrongly alot of time lei. then i very pek cek. cos ah ma had to re-cut again. so sorry ah ma..cause u to re-cut again. dont know wat im doing...i felt so bad.

food and drink...

ah ma cut the window...COOL

i will end my post here...

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