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Saturday, August 14, 2010

these are the pictures that owed at last posts..
walked the whole day to do courts stuffs,legs were super tiring.
and i guess in the end we will not go according to what we planned.
i wasted my leave too..LOL.

and finally we found a place for us to rest our legs and grabbed something to eat (:

joke day when I'm looking at this..

camwhored (:

we went to Timbre to meet the rest of gfs to have dinner to celebrate phoebe's super belated birthday.. haha :x

food that we ordered..
buffalo wings were nice..omg!! we ordered 2 plates if not wrong (:
roasted duck pizza?
"xxx' mushroom (forgotten the name) but it tasted nice (:
the pathetic thing was we ordered ordered banana crumbled shared within 8 people.
and funniest thing was we used spoon to treat it as candle because there were no candles.LOL.

watch was the present from us (:
i loved last week, long weekends (:
and i noticed past fast. it's fast that another week had gone.

dinner and drinking with girls on tue after work at holland (:
singlehood day (:
they were getting high already..

i guessed after the tequila shot, i felt myself was floating.
i managed to send anas back hm after jx had left and i cabbed

my head was so heavy the next day when i went to work.

i cant wait to go to celebrate fify's b'dae (:
beach-y day!haha..
pray hard tmr is a sunny day (:

you may able to cover-up other people emotional feeling
but it's hard to cover up your own emotions..

I HATE YOU is all i can say!!
要了解人的心 像是海底劳针..

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