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Monday, August 30, 2010

Gigi's Birthday

went to MindCafe last sat to celebrate gigi's b'dae(:
didnt know that near raffles place/boat quay,there's one too!
we had the LET'S PARTY promotion which consist of free flow of drinks and tibits.
first time been there and it was fun there.
screaming and laughing(till teared!) all the way..!
celebrated at MindCafe,
when the time strike 12am! the cake been served out.
and 'Happy Birthday' song was sang (:
giving her present with her fav., hello kitty bag!
she wanted this watch the most, burberry watch!(:
it's been a hard time of getting this watch.haha!
polaroid crazies!!
gaming times!!
taboo is the most fun and it's joke of the day!wahaha..
the purple doll is used act as action where you can speak a word,
only way is to use doll to act out.
i can imagine gigi using doll to do break-dancing and let yvonne to guess out.
but she dont know what is it..but it's obvious that the doll is doing heading turning..wahahah!!!
draw out the pics to let the person guess the words..
and dog-bones games!! haha..
after MindCafe, we planned to go Hotstone for late dinner/supper.
but sad new was the restaurant closed early where the online time put promotion till 130am.
we reached before 130am, and its closed already :(
and we took times again to think of what to eat.
in the end, supper at coffee club!
and we took 2 hours walking to find a pub.LOL.
after we decided to go into a pub, it's about the closing time.
thus, we cabbed home in the end.
but i guess she had a wonderful day!

before that, boss went to cheng mai for business trip.
and he bought key chain and crackers for me (:
he told me this is the brand keychain.
it's exp items over there.
but when i checked s'pore had this's unknown brand.
thanx him anw!

cant imagine he can take care of a child..FATHER ALVIN!
his eyelash is long..guess is 0.5cm long :x
send him home and went to JP to watch Step Up 3D.
the show is awesome (:
the 3D effect is different from normal 3D movies.
i like the way they danced,the 3D is perfect!!
the girls inside the show are pretty (:
i dont mind watch the movie again..haha!
but the spec make my ear feel uncomfortable.

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