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Monday, November 29, 2010

Fennie's Celebration

Mentioned that there will be part 2 of birthday celebration.
Immediately after next day of fen birthday, met up with ahma and other to celebrate.
Due to ahma had something on before that, I meetup with fennie first.
Dressing Day - Maxi Dress (:

Small food before meeting them as FEP had food fair. As usual, we bought our favourite, spicy fishball soup (: yummy!

Booked room at cine KBox and sang there.
They bought cake for fennie, which was coffee flavour and lots of cream(sucks!)
our huuhuu! flower (:
Street Fighter - Chunli ( wahahah!!)
And I shall end my post with this..
Polaroid taken before we were homed.
Feeling shag after the next day working..

Boring this week! Nothing much happening..!
Beside, I'm waiting for pay day, which is around the corner (:

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