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Saturday, July 03, 2010

slacking and slacking at work?
is it maybe doing this project for long will get tired of doing,
or maybe is the person whom i met? I'm not sure.

i felt that boss was saying my working is slow.
my six sense told me..haha!!

and now i have to learn 3D max because they hired a viet. girl who used 3d max to render,
thus i have to learn how to use also, which make me sian ttm!!
starting from stretch, everything is new to me. LOL.
i think i will get more stress after that, white hair maybe start growing.arghh..!

met with GFs on Mon for Dim Sum at Swee Chun. We ordered alots and thought that we could finished eating because we were hungry.
In the end, we never finished but the leftover was less than a quarter.
walked to bugis was a form of exercising(:

loves hanging out with friend - gossiping and talking out loud that's what girl's world is!!(:

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