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Monday, September 27, 2010


Don't understand why the people's attitude over that was damn F' up or we went at the wrong period of days..

1st - Casino
We started playing 'Big' & 'Small' when we went in. The banker was ok at first, after the shift is changed and another person replaced.He gave us a F'up attitude with all the black face. Asked him to help to put at ' Even 双', he went to put at 'Big 大' , where we didn't noticed in the first place. After the result is out, we didn't get the chips back. When we asked him, he talked in a mood where alot of people owe him money, with lines shown in his forehead.LOL!
Because of him, my friend lost money and I managed to win 50RM.LOL.

2nd - Store
Buying cigarette from a store and the same things happened too. The cashier just slammed the cigarette on the table (with one black face) after saying which cigarette we wanted to buy. As if we owe him anything or we did anything in the past and now we getting the

3rd - Restaurant
Having dimsum for breakfast at the last day, the waitress's attitude was bad too. Serving the customer with bad attitude, they can just served the food as if they were throwing the plates on the table. When the customer ordered wrong food and asked the waitress to cancel away, they can answered back rudely to them. This is what a good service it was.

Maybe I went at the wrong day at a wrong timing.

It's was morning 5plus when we reached there.
And we waited for 6 hours to check in our hotel, that's long.
At that time, feeling tired and sleepy as bus was shaking here and there.
Didnt managed had a good sleep.

Dimsum at a restaurant after taking a queue no..
As compared to dimsum, Singapore's dimsum is still the best (:

Saw this guy doing break-dance at a big open space for people to enjoy.
And I noticed he went to the same club the same day we went..Safari!
They do not served liquor over there, only beer!

Finally it's going to reach our turn soon..

my heart almost came out when we went to play this..
I screamed like mad when it suddenly dropped and i'm feeling myself flying out of seat.

The roller coaster was another game that will make my heart sank..!

Throwing the rings to hook the bottles.. we bought the buckets of rings.
But none of them went in :(

And this guy kept complaining that why no one can hook in..
he even went out to show some skills to us.
and in the end none of them went in too even how many he threw.LOL.

Reaching at a late timing, it started to rain heavy.
And we managed to play 2 games..wasted!

Hotpot for dinner..
nothing much to eat, not much variation..

And it's our way back to Singapore the next day (:

Long journey back..!
It's going to be midnight when i reached home..
And I felt shag the next day as I worked the next day :(

Now the next trip I'm waiting for is BKK..
I hope everything is fine when it's the time for us to go (:

If there is nothing happened between us 2, today will be the day for us.
As for now, if I could, IHY! cos I know a leopard will never changed its prints...

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