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Thursday, August 16, 2007 legs hurts alot...we walk for VERY LONG DISTANCE
im tired...
can u imagine walk for almost 2 hrs without having a rest n juz continue walking. omg...i can die...
cos today pz n i went to sko to do our EV again...but mr woo said tat AMK ht seel the things we wan SO we take bus there....BUT we over shoot the we alight.
but we walk-ed the wrong direction...and noe wat we continue walking the wrong direction like 2 hrs plus tat point of time, i feel weak. no energy to walk due to hunger. n feel hot. BECAUSE we walked one big round in the bishan park...wearing a black cardigan somemore...absorbed heat. wao HOT. park is for ppl to exercise n BBQ but we r wearing nice clothing n walking in a park...we feel so weird...esp when we walked to an area where most ppl jog around...SO WEIRD!!!

these are some of the pic we took when we walked the wrong way to AMK...

and noe wat...when we reach AMK...we didnt even see the shop wat mr woo had mention lo...we can get the material we wan...cos we cant find the shop that mr woo had mention.LIAR!!!

so we went for HIGH TEA before dinner...weird right...

this is iced cino taste nice...really nice...can try it.=)for there it is obivious that the level of d drink is diff...the least one is mine cos walk for long journey...another one is pz..she's weird gal. when the weather is hot...she dun feel hot and when the weather is cold, SHE FEELS HOT!!!

OUT HIGH-TEA FOOD N DRINK...from there, i finally can sit down alrdy...IM OLD ALRDY!!! me...!!!! pz: our frenzship is only 3 mths...haha!!!

post nxt time!!!

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