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Sunday, August 12, 2007

er run slow...

it seem lk i didnt post for 1 week alrdy...
cos my comp run super slow...esp run the blog page is very very slow so i didnt haf the patient to wait for the page to finish running.then i close the page alrdy...=)

my holiday is here alrdy...erm...mayb the holidays applies to NYP design courses ba.aha. no more projects to rush n no need to go to school. but for those who haf chosen for the EV final list haf to go to sko to build up the model. arghh...tired of goin to sko esp for me...who stay far away frm school. but we haf long holidays...SO HAPPY!!! YIPPEEE......

tis thurs(9/8), which was the national day. we do not need to go to school but i havent to rush out the c.s project out which is the illusion. i do not know wat she really i anyhow paint.hahax.

then on fri we haf only typo lesson, which ends early n make-up lesson for c.s. =)after tat pz, jun,yvonne n me went to yishun 926 to eat laksa n ice delicious.

and we went to northpoint to we tired then we go home.haha.
but on sat i woke up at 4 in the afternoon. cos im so tired...hahax. then i didnt nth.


i went bugis wif pz. actually we wan to go to library to looks for books but in the end, we didnt go cos is raining day.we shop at bugis n to bugis street till the rain stop then we went to vivo to buy EV stuffs. haha.
before we went to buy, we went to eat nice foods, which is also delicious.hahax.

wat i drink. see the drinks is so colourful.hahax.

my hair is so messy cos of the wind.arghh...

and nw we are wearing hats now. a big hat that block the winds.

and we saw it @ the top of the level.

after that we went to have is lk sarsi but not taste like sarsi n blackcurrent not taste lk blackcurrent. arghh...

but we haf to enjoy wat chinese always say:" ne chi shi fu."

our fav. spot: guess where is it? hahax.

ok...i'll stop nxt time.


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