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Friday, August 17, 2007 i was late for 20 mins...but for pz, she say tat i am late for 30 mins cos she reach yck very nw it is fair as yest she bring me to walk for 2 hrs plus and today i was late for 20 mins. WE ARE FAIR NW,OK? btw i call-ed pz...but she says tat she was out of the house alrdy so i cant tell her.

then we comtinue to do our EV again...putty our texture wall but it cracks again and again lei...dunno wat to do. and measure the scale for our bed...but havent do it out yet.

we were rushing today...cos actually we haf to go to bukit batok to buy the acrylic mirror for our model wall...but the shop close @ 5.30pm but we left sko @ 4.30, which is 1 hr more to closing time . then we call the boss to ask sth...from him, we noe know tat actually AMK also haf a factory which is also mirror one...

but @ tat time, it is raining, which i hate the most. haf to take an umbrella here and there. so im wearing cover-ed shoe today, so it is wet. it spoilt my mood. we took quite sometime to able to find the shop. we ask people where is it. and someone said tat the shop had move-ed to other place. WE WERE SHOCK-ED AT TAT TIME. but another ppl save our life..

THANX GOD...we took alot of time to find the factory.we need acrylic black mirror...which cost us $10. ok la..nt quite it is a factory.

we walk through the tunnel and we saw this.

dos it look like there is 2 perspective view?




staircase...sloping upward...tis is where our exit place is...!!!

after we went back to sko n rush to C.P to buy wall putty n spray paint.
omg...i went crazy alrdy...
ok post nxt time...

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